During the holiday season, most people eat so much, they feel like they’re having a food baby. Still, that’s probably not the train of thought that led to designs like the one you see above.

If you have an actual baby that you want to look both adorable and delicious while keeping warm, San Francisco-based Bon Vivant Baby has unveiled three new food-based swaddling sets to keep your tot super toasty.

Each retails for $48, and comes with a swaddling cloth and matching hat to make your baby look as tasty as possible. Since psychologists have acknowledged that “cute aggression” is a thing, we’re pretty sure this was bound to happen at some point.

The three contenders for Most Delectable Baby Wrap are:

Lil’ Sushi

Your nori baby wrap comes complete with a little rice and roe hat.

swaddle baby sushi 1 swaddle sushi rollswaddle baby sushi roe hat

Lil’ Eggroll

The hat’s supposed to look like sweet and sour sauce, BTW.

swaddle baby eggroll 2 swaddle baby eggroll wrap swaddle baby eggroll sweet and sour hat swaddle baby eggroll

Tortilla Baby Swaddle Set

Seriously, why they didn’t just call this “Lil’ Burrito,” we’ll never know.

swaddle baby tortilla 2 swaddle baby tortilla 3 swaddle baby tortilla 1

[via Design Taxi, Bon Vivant Baby]

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