Clearly, nachos were chef Wylie Dufresne’s gateway drug into the world of all-American bar food. Now, the chef has turned his attention to the glorious hamburger.

Starting tonight, Dufresne is offering a burger at his modernist East Village gastropub, Alder.

Why are we so amped for this patty? This is the first burger the wd~50 and Alder chef has ever offered at any of his restaurants. The Burger is available in limited quantities on Sundays through Thursdays at the bar only, from 6pm until it’s 86’d (a.k.a. sold out).

Here’s everything else you need to know about the Wylie burger: The Burger ($13) features a combination of chuck and brisket from meat legend Pat La Frieda—but wait, there’s also shio kombu ground into the burger blend. “The kombu is cooked in sake and tamari and gives the burger an added element of umami,” according to a press release.

The Burger comes on a Martin’s potato roll (respect), and it’s topped with house-made beer cheese made with Greenport Harbor Brewing Harbor Ale. The burger comes with half-sours from The Pickle Guys, an LES institution.

If you’re a baller, you’ll opt for “The All-In Burger” option ($21), which includes the burger, half an order of French Onion Soup Rings, and a glass of Harbor Ale.

We asked Dufresne why he hasn’t offered a burger until now. He said,

“Ever since Alder’s inception we’ve been riffing on pub food and trying to make it our own. We’ve been having fun with pub cheese, pigs in a blanket, and other bar foods and it was time to bring that to a burger.”

If you think there’s a better way to spend your night tonight than eating a burger crafted by Wylie Dufresne, you’re tripping.


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