White Castle, the national burger chain that has developed a cult following for its sliders, put veggie burgers (actually, sliders) on its menu today.

Customers will be able to choose one of three sauces to go on their veg sliders: honey mustard, ranch, or sweet Thai.

Oddly enough, the veggie slider is higher in calories than the O.G. White Castle beef slider—but eating less meat is both healthy and environmentally responsible, so don’t let that deter you.

Good and bad news for vegans: According to White Castle, the Dr. Praeger’s veggie patty and sweet Thai sauce are vegan, but the bun is not. BYOBun?

Over on Twitter, folks are both excited and horrified about the White Castle veggie slider.

Earlier this year, Del Posto chef Brooks Headley started a veggie burger pop-up in NYC. Product development chef for Kaizen Trading Co., Ryan Miller,says he’s going to spend the next couple of years focusing on creating vegan cheeses that are actually good. Chefs everywhere are working to create meat and cheese alternatives that compete with the real deal—it’s about time a fast-food chain hopped on the meat-free bandwagon.

[via White Castle]

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