Both mobile data speeds and cooking times should be faster, according to Japanese telecom giant Docomo’s newest ad.

In the very first episode of “Three Second Cooking,” two women show you how to three-step-bread and cook some beautiful fresh shrimp, using the kind of cooking apparatus for which we can only thank Rube Goldberg.

Two words: shrimp cannon.

Here’s the entire cooking sequence in slow-mo.

docomo shrimp fry

The cooks demonstrating this wonder machine call it “frying”, which it clearly isn’t—but do you really care when a one minute ad is this awesome?

This is obviously the most metal shrimp cooking ever.

We love the understated delivery of the short-haired cook, in particular. Her simple “please be careful” as she straps on her goggles made us giggle.

Then, at the end, when the ponytailed cook is slightly taken aback by the food, her very encouraging and bright “It’s delicious, isn’t it?” is just perfectly hilarious.

Here’s hoping the teaser at the end for a three-second gyoza episode actually happens.

[via Gawker]

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