There’s certainly no denying that a skilled BMX rider can do some sick tricks on mega ramps. But if you’re that rider, and you do it a lot, sometimes it’s all about finding the right motivation.

We ask you, what’s more motivational than pizza? Pacific Northwestern BMXer Josh Navarro captured the compelling power of the forced-perspective pepperoni slices that you see above.

bmx pizza 2

The only bad part about a video like this is that it slightly skews your expectations for the world around you after viewing. Suddenly, you expect to see pizza everywhere, with hot, gooey cheese eagerly waiting to form strings from that slice in your hand to the bite in your mouth.

bmx pizza

We’re hoping that this unrelated but amazing pizza bed Kickstarter gets funded just so Navarro can have the opportunity to surround himself with pizza at all times.

pizza bed gif


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