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Here’s the latest news from Tokyo: PiaPia restaurant in Tokyo has put the above sign on the restaurant window, banning couples from eating at the restaurant on Christmas Eve. Here’s the exact translation: “We will be refusing entry to all couples on Dec 24, with no exceptions!”

The note explains that couples, if permitted into the restaurant, would serve as a reminder of loneliness for single patrons on Christmas Eve, and lovebirds “would cause severe emotional trauma to members of our staff” who have to work on the holiday.

PiaPia worker Takashi Kyozuka said the sign was posted because the staff doesn’t want customers to “feel sad that they are by themselves.”

“To start with, someone said we should ban couples as a bit of a joke, but then we realized that it’s true,” he told The Telegraph. “If you are single on Christmas Eve, then it’s easy to get down.”

It’s important to note that, these days, the Japanese are choosing to marry late or not at all—which also explains this anti-loneliness ramen bowl and anti-forever alone restaurant that lets you dine with stuffed animals.