Lotteria is one of Japan’s greatest purveyors of fast-food insanity—from triple-decker ramen burgers, to burgers drenched in chocolate sauce. To celebrate its own awesomeness, the chain has immortalized one of its most memorable creations—a five-patty cheeseburger—by turning it into a mouse.

RocketNews24 reports that the absurd computer accessory is life-size, and it’s being offered as a giveaway to fans who follow Lotteria’s Twitter account and RT this tweet advertising the campaign:

No word on whether you can win from outside of Japan, but its worth a shot. This thing seems like it would give you a very specific type of carpal tunnel, but it would still fit in nicely with your KFC fried chicken keyboard and anti-loneliness ramen bowl.

[via RocketNews24]