German photographer Rebecca Rütten spent time in the U.S. studying photography. Like any good artist does, she took time to observe what she saw around her, and used it to inform her work. One of the collections that resulted was “Contemporary Pieces,” a series of 5 portraits and 5 still-lifes that depicts her modern models with various elements of fast food.

An exhibition of this series took place at Karussell in Hamburg in April 2014.

Rütten talks about her inspiration on her site:

“During the conception of “Contemporary Pieces, ”I became enamored with the eroticism, presentation and charisma of paintings from the Renaissance Period. In the Late Renaissance, Italian and Dutch painters dealt with the middle and lower classes. In my opinion, Fast Food Culture represents these two social classes in the United States today. To eat healthy is expensive. However, one can buy large amounts of food at a fast food restaurant for a comparatively low price.

I like the fact that my friends in these photographs have tattoos and piercings. It underlines the concept that they are ‘Children of the Modern Age,’ having been brought up in the changing America, often defined by the culture of Fast Food.”

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[via Rebecca Rütten]