It’s the season of many things right now, not the least of which is endless parties. In fact, chances are excellent that you might see someone put out a casually elegant spread featuring wine, cheeses, and crackers, like so:

candy cuisine wine-and-cavities-2

Except this plate is all made of candy, and contains absolutely no cheese, olives, or honey whatsoever.

Instead, Gabe’s Wine and Cavities features icing, oranges and cream fudge, Starbursts, white chocolate bar, cooking white chocolate, candied almonds, root beer barrels and caramel sauce.

To any dentists reading this: we apologize in advance.

candy cuisine small-but-sweet-1

The plate above looks like some simple, classic Italian appetizers, doesn’t it? Alas, Gabe’s Small But Sweet plate features gummi bears, cherry sours, Peeps, candied sunflower seeds, sugar crystals, and Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

candy cuisine papaya-king-3

Similarly, Gabe’s Fit For A Papaya King isn’t the NYC icon you’re used to seeing, but is instead made from Twinkies, rice krispie treats with gingerbread cake mix, french roasted peanuts, gummi bears, Laffy Taffy, grapefruit slices, and icing.

candy cuisine DELIghtful-combo-lr-1

One of the most impressive Candy Cuisine entries by far has to be A DELIghtful Combo. While we’d love a pastrami on rye with spicy mustard, cole slaw, and a pickle for lunch, we’re also happy to look at this combination of fruit leather, butter pecan cake, icing, bubble tape, airhead, and grapefruit slices while we wait for our sandwich.

candy cuisine sugarshimi

Of course, some days, nothing but sushi will satisfy. Luckily, Gabe has you covered there with her Sugarshimi, which features an airhead, rice krispie treat, fruit jellies, fruit roll up, sugar crystals, icing, and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. The only sustainability issues to concern yourself about with this particular sushi platter involve the structural integrity of your tooth enamel.

For even more Candy Cuisine madness, check out Gabe’s entire collection of over 20 pieces here.

[via Candy Cuisine, Design Taxi]

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