The gift of laughter is the gift that keeps on giving, all year round. For all those perfectly posed foodporn photos we all see and love on Instagram and Twitter, there are a million more instances of #struggleplates that never make it to the dubious halls of Internet fame.

If you go by that logic, that means people who post their struggle plates online with the intention of making you laugh are actually holiday heroes. They know the holidays are stressful, even if you love this time of year the most—and while they may not have had the most photogenic food come out of their kitchens, they figure those sad plates are still good for something.

Whether you’re standing in line somewhere or forking another bite of leftovers into your hungover mouths, this was the struggle of Christmas 2014—and it was massive.


xmas struggles smurfs

“It looks like you’re cooking Smurfs.” (Photo: Instagram/aglikesilver)


xmas struggles depressing xmas work feast
“Depressing Christmas work feast.” (Photo: Reddit/ThegreatPee)
xmas struggles smithfield ham
“Smithfield ham. Visually unsettling.” (Photo: Reddit/heirplane)
xmas struggles bag mac
“Bag mac.” “You should empty your colostomy bag into the toilet or garbage.” (Photo: Reddit/anAwes0meWave)
xmas struggles microwave burrito
“Microwaved burrito on a bed of mac and cheese. Also microwaved.” (Photo: Reddit/heisenberger2112)
xmas struggles depression cereal
“Depression cereal—corn nuts in distilled white vinegar.” (Photo: Reddit/going_mobile)
xmas struggles dog poop lasagna
“The cheese didn’t melt on my lasagna and it looks like dog poop.” (Photo: Reddit/mathchem)
xmas struggles single guy dinner
“Single guy Christmas Eve dinner.” (Photo: Reddit/kilroy123)
xmas struggles sandwich of sadness
“The shittiest thing about this is that they didn’t put the whole cheese stick on it.” (Photo: Reddit/IHadACatOnce)
xmas struggles jabba the ham
“My mom made Jabba the Ham for Christmas.” (Photo: Reddit/vanadium_sky)
xmas struggles xmas turdkey
“Delicious Christmas TURDkey.” (Photo: Reddit/I_Burned_The_Lasagna)
xmas struggles shit my pants
“Dear newborn baby Jesus, for Christmas, I would like to shit my pants. Amen.” (Photo: Reddit/marylandmymaryland)

The Ministry of Disastrous Desserts

xmas struggles xmas cookies
“Christmas cookies!” (Photo: Reddit/SeanlyNot)
xmas struggles pizza hut cookie pizza
“Really like how carefully Pizza Hut handled this one.” (Photo: Reddit/GSF0)
xmas struggles xmas gingerbread train
“Two years ago, I tried to make one of those gingerbread train sets. Emphasis on ‘tried’.” (Photo: Reddit/blanketninja)
xmas struggles gingerbread mishap
“Hansel and Gretel, please shuffle me off this mortal coil.” (Photo: Reddit/gundanium)

Christmas Mourning Breakfast

xmas struggles xmas morning leftover pizza topping breakfast
“Christmas morning breakfast: leftover pizza toppings.” (Photo: Reddit/TheFudgeFactory)
xmas struggles bacon n mimosas
“Bacon n mimosas Merry Christmas!” (Photo: Reddit/deckpumps_n_deldos)
xmas struggles eggs a la fuck it
“Eggs a la fuck it.” (Photo: Reddit/bnielsen96)

Aunt Bethany’s Jello Mold

xmas struggles 50 dollars 1 xmas struggles 50 dollars 2 xmas struggles 50 dollars 3 xmas struggles 50 dollars 4

“Cousin asked for 50 dollars cash. I put it in a christmassy Jello mold.” (Photo: Reddit/sixohsicks)

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