Want to locate the nearest Taco Bell at the drop of a hat? Or create a custom soda flavor from an automated Coke machine? Needless to say, there’s an app for that.

It’s hard to keep track of all the tech releases going on these days, but if you live life stomach-first, there are a few new apps worth getting excited about. Whether you want to find a last-minute recipe for dinner, or settle the debate on where your coworkers are going for lunch, these apps will help get the job done. Here are the best new apps for food and drink lovers, available on Windows Store.

Hungry Now Fast Food Locator


Good for: Finding the nearest Taco Bellor McDonald’s or Wendy’s or KFC….

This app is what you want during those perilous late-nights hunger situations. The app maps out locations of 32 different fast-food chains worldwide, including hours of operation and directions. You can even use the share function to post your location to your social networks (“Bro, I’m totally destroying this Whopper right now!”). (Photo: Windows)



Good for: When you want to scour every corner of the Internet for a recipe

Yummly is one of the web’s most massive recipe-search engines, allowing you to scour the archives of all the major food sites. Pro tip: Recipe searches can be filtered by holiday, cuisine, taste, diet, nutrition, allergy, cook time, technique, and a bunch of other customizable factors, which is a huge time-saving win. (Photo: Yummly)

Lunch Picker

lunch picker

Good for: Settling the eternal debate of deciding where to eat

Choosing where to eat with you friends is hard. Lunch Picker makes the decision a little bit easier by allowing you to compare restaurants by average price and other rankings. If nothing else, choose a few restaurants and let them “race” to randomly decide which lucky restaurant shall have the honor of your patronage. (Photo: Windows)

Coca-Cola Freestyle


Good for: Concocting the ultimate graveyard soda

Have you seen those crazy space-age Coke machines that offer over 146 flavors? The official app allows you to find Freestyle fountains; receive special discounts and rewards when you check-in; and then create custom-designed mixes on your phone that you can have dispensed in-person. Nothing wrong with taking soda this seriously. (Photo: Mamaluvsbooks)

Secret Menus


Good for: Unlocking the hidden gems found on restaurant menus

This app provides a comprehensive list of all the secret menu items that you need to know, from In-N-Out’s famous Animal-style Double-Double, to the elusive Chipotle quesarito. You might think that you know all the ordering hacks, but this guide will surprise you with off-menu finds that you probably never thought of. (Photo: Windows)