TGI Friday’s had the not-so-brilliant idea to fly a mistletoe-toting drone around the chain’s restaurants, in hopes that diners would make out with each other after stuffing their faces with mozzy sticks.

A somewhat harmless, if not terrible, idea—right? Wrong. Over the weekend, TGI Friday’s showed off the mistletoe drones for the first time in the chain’s Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn location. That’s when the drones drew blood.

According to the Brooklyn Daily, one of two drones flew out of control and clipped photographer Georgine Benvenuto in the nose with one of its spinning, uncovered blades. The newspaper writes,

“Drone operator David Quiones said an accident like this had never happened before, and even blamed our reporter for the bloodshed.

Quiones had encouraged our reporter to let him land the smaller of the two aircraft on her hand, but she flinched when the 10-inch drone touched down — and he said that is what caused the four-bladed flying machine to careen into the face of our photographer nearby. But Benvenuto insisted that the responsibility lies with the man operating the controls.”

Benvenuto said “she’s just thankful she wasn’t blinded in the name of love” (and drones).



Photo: Community News Group / Vanessa Ogle

TGI Friday’s never officially acknowledged the injury. A spokeswoman for TGI Friday’s told Brooklyn Daily that earlier Mobile Mistletoe events in Long Island and Texas resulted in no casualties, and dismissed concerns about further injuries—saying that customers will stay clear of the whirling, five-inch blades.

We don’t know about you, but we’re not heading to a TGI Friday’s drone test site anytime soon—and not just because we want to avoid the awkwardness that comes with sitting under mistletoe.

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