Nick Metcalf created SteakStones, a variety of cooking stone for your steak, where “the last bite is guaranteed to be as hot and delicious as the first.” Basically, you’re cooking your steak “live, at the table” on a hot stone as you eat, so you can tailor the doneness of each bite of your filet mignon and tuna steak.

You may be asking yourself: But, shouldn’t my meal be cooked for me by the time it arrives at the table? Valid question.


Photo: Kickstarter

In his Kickstarter video above, Metcalf explains that he got the idea for the SteakStone after he was shouted at in a busy restaurant in Versailles by an angry French chef, because Metcalf had ordered his steak cooked how he preferred it, and not how the chef preferred to cook it.

As he recounts on his Kickstarter page, here’s how the interaction between him and the chef unfolded:

“Ooz iz zis”, [the chef] bellowed.
“Mine,” I sheepishly replied, but I wondered why I had to have my steak how he wanted, not exactly how I did.[/pullquote]

Shortly thereafter, Metcalf made a trip to Brazil, where he went to churrascarias where meats were served piping hot and cooked in front of the diners.

The stone comes straight from mount Vesuvio in Italy. In case you were wondering, the lava stone has unique properties: it can be heated directly without any risk of cracking.

Of course, it works perfectly for fish as well.


On Kickstarter, Metcalf pledged to reach a goal of £6,000, and ultimately, he obtained £19,413 in funding.

Things seem to be going well:

We are so busy fulfilling orders and growing with our retail partners, that every time we get close to shipping stock for fulfilment locally in countries outside Europe, such as the US and Australia, we simply don’t have enough stock to achieve this. 

[via Kickstarter]