Mornings just got way less sucky for the 750,000 people who pass through Grand Central Terminal each day. As of today, the Shake Shack at New York’s prettiest train station becomes the first outlet outside of JFK airport to serve breakfast. According to an online press release, commuters can order three different breakfast sandwiches on the burger chain’s signature soft potato buns:

From 7-10:30 AM on weekdays, wake up and smell the Shack in three breakfast varieties: Sausage, Egg N’ Cheese ($4.75), Bacon, Egg N’ Cheese ($4.75), and Egg N’ Cheese ($3.75).

Photo: Shake Shack

Danny Meyer might also start stealing foot traffic from nearby coffee shops Irving Farm, Joe’s, and Cafe Grumpy by serving a proprietary Stumptown drip coffee—that is, if customers can resist December’s special custard flavors like eggnog, gingerbread, and jelly donut.

Photo: Shake Shack

Shake Shack’s foray into AM dining follows fellow burger chain Five Guys, which started serving egg sandwiches at select Washington D.C. and Boston locations two years ago. However, it has stopped short of Five Guys’ option to add a burger patty to any breakfast sandwich for $1.50.

But since the full Shake Shack menu will be available all day, you can always just order a burger or a hot dog for breakfast. No judgement.

[via Eater]