In our not-too-distant memory, the Cronut madness was everywhere. People waited in terrifying long lines, got boxes of the hybrid treat delivered to them, and those too far away from Dominique Ansel’s New York shop enjoy their own versions by mashing up all kinds of pastry that should never ever go together.

At last, the Cronut has invaded the conversations of our nation’s capital, but this time as a metaphor.

New York Times editor Frank Bruni tweeted today:


In the Times article Bruni is referring to, Pelosi doubts that creating a hybrid spending bill will be effective in delaying the government shut down. Way to stay current, Congresswoman!

The article quotes Pelosi as saying,

“That’s like a croissant on a doughnut in New York. Is that a cronut of legislation? It’s immature. They should make a decision that this is what we need to do to keep the government open.”

Turning the trendy food item into a political metaphor is taking the Cronut to a whole other level. We can’t help but wonder if “Cronut” might be coming on the heels of “selfie” and “twerk,” two words that were both recently added to the Oxford dictionary

[via Twitter]