We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday. To help you keep up with all the new hypebeast snacks on the scene, we’ll be doing a weekly roundup of ridiculous mashup foods you need to know about right now, and ranking them on staying power. Read on!

Orange + Potato Chip = Koikeya Mikan Chips

Photo: Koikeya

The mashup: It’s a good idea to increase your vitamin C intake over flu season, so why not get it in fried potato form? Okay, maybe there isn’t actually vitamin C in these mikan (a Japanese orange, according to the Wall Street Journal) flavored chips, but you can kind of see why it’s a good idea right?

Staying power: High. Although this new flavor only debuts in Japan on December 22, the Koikeya company has already earned our trust with initially-odd-flavors-that-make-sense-once-they’re-in-your-mouth such as seaweed, garlic, and pickled plum. (Photo: Koikeya)

Poutine + Latkes = Poutine Latkes

Photo: Busy in Brooklyn

The mashup: Quebecois and Jewish comfort food combine in this Hanukkah recipe from kosher blogger Busy in Brooklyn. She recreates a classic poutine but replaces the fries with another form of fried potato: mini latkes, the traditional Jewish potato cakes. If you can’t find cheese curds, the recipes suggests subbing with shredded fresh mozzarella.

Staying power: Medium. All holiday foods exist in a brief window of saturnalia. But no matter how short lived, cultural cross pollination is a beautiful thing—especially when it involves gravy, the sauce of peace. (Photo: Busy in Brooklyn)

Burger + Fondue = Fondue Burgers

Photo: Get News/Burger King

The mashup: Burger King Japan has come out with some inventive menu items in the last few months, from the all-black Kuro burger to holiday-inspired mush ‘n cheese and cranberry burgers. Now the chain is deconstructing the cheese burger with its Beef Fondue and Chicken Fondue burgers, which come with a tub of white wine and cheese sauce for dipping.

Staying power: Low. BK Japan has been releasing a new novelty item every month or two. Regardless of how this one tastes, we suspect it will soon be superceded by something even stranger. Although at this point, the move that would shock us most would be Burger King announcing it’s only serving regular burgers from now on. (Photo: Get News/Burger King)