Just like burgers and mac ‘n’ cheese, tinned tuna has gone haute. The early signs were there in the form of expensive, imported cans of seafood popping up on tapas menus. But in September, canned seafood officially became a thing when it got a dedicated pop-up restaurant in London called Tincan.


Now that it’s a fully-fledged thing (which, if nourished properly, could one day develop into a trend), the natural next stage in its development is to show up in another major city. And Eater reports that sometime next year, Tincan will hop the pond for a New York residency which will no doubt be much buzzed and blogged about because New Yorkers are traditionally enthusiastic when something becomes a thing.


If the New York iteration of Tincan is similar to the London one, diners can expect a selection of 30 imported cans in the $7–$35 price range, each served with bread and salad. Spain and Portugal were heavily represented on the London menu in the seafood, beer, and wine departments, so you might want to brush up on your Iberian and other European delicacies before the New York pop-up materializes. For instance:

Jose Stickleback in Pickled Sauce

Sticklebacks are tiny fish that are closely related to seahorses. These ones are marinated in Portuguese firewater—a loose term for locally made distilled liquor—as well as olive oil apparently pressed from Portugal’s oldest olive trees.

Triton Lightly Smoked Cod Liver

Remember those cod liver oil capsules you had to swallow as a kid? These livers are what’s left once the oil has been extracted, but they still have all the health benefits like loads of vitamins A, D, and Omega-3 acids. Tincan’s menu describes it as “the foie gras of the sea.”

You can read the rest of the menu online, which we have to admit sounds a little bit like dinner at the Aristocats house.

Photo: B+ movie blog

Photo: B+ movie blog

[via Gothamist]