D.C. chef and Top Chef contestant Mike Isabella has infuriated the Internet with a distasteful “Biggie and Tupac Tribute Dinner,” which he planned for his restaurant Graffiato in February.

The menu, which Isabella posted to the Graffiato website, relies on negative stereotypes like “THUG RICE,” “BLOOD money sausage,” and “COKE floats.”

The badly conceived menu, which Isabella planned to charge diners $65 a head for, has since been taken down from the Graffiato website. The Washington City Paper also printed this statement via Isabella’s rep: “The Graffiato dinner on February 2 is a celebration of hip hop from two of the greatest artists of the 90s. The menu is still a work in progress, and dishes will be inspired by songs, lyrics and classic east and west coast dishes.” 

But it was too late—news of the menu circulated and people are rightfully infuriated and offended.




Biggie and Pac are turning over in their graves right now, no doubt. [via Eater, Washington City Paper]