Metta World Peace is a professional basketball player, but he is also a Renaissance man.

Metta has a workout music video, briefly appeared in the Nickelodeon game show Figure it Out, and released a rap album featuring P. Diddy and Mike Joneson top of all that, he still finds the time to play checkers.

But that’s not all. The man formerly known as Ron Artest is also a health fanatic and avid home cook.

Metta puts in work in the kitchen, then tweets about it to his fans. Here’s a sampling of our favorite Metta World Peace tweets about cooking.

He does not fux with white rice

He bakes an impressive variety of breads

…but only healthy breads

You are forbidden to eat pork at his house

He doesn’t eat turkeys because they’re cute

He makes buckwheat pasta in a pressure cooker, puts it over salad, then tops it with Prego

He’s got the #struggleplate game on lock

We’re wondering if this is some kind of metaphor…

And, on top of all that, Metta is like a walking Time Out guide…

Keep putting in work in the kitchen, Metta. You’re an inspiration to us all.