Any Angeleno can tell you: the taco truck is one of the only true communal spaces in the city, where people take the time to hang out and talk to one another.

For many, the taco truck is the defining symbol of L.A., and a way of life—which is why the folks behind LA Taco headed to some of the best trucks in Los Angeles (including Tacos Leo and Tacos Arizas) to ask people their most ridiculous confessions.

Watch a teaser for the new series, aptly named Taco Truck Confessions, above. The show will premiere January 2015.

Each of the colorful taco-feasting folks in the video is entertaining, sure, but we really have to give it to the burrito thief chick. She says,

“Me and my friends were really hungry one day, so we came to a taco truck, and we waited in line with no money, and we stole somebody’s burritos—and then I ran into a pole down the street trying to take some hot sauce. That was the best fucking Halloween of my life in 2012.”



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