American fast food chains have become a common sight throughout the world. You can get a Filet-O-Fish at McDonald’s India; similarly, you can order “Le Whopper” at Burger King Paris.

But as fast food chains continue to pop up in cities all over the world, American chains are tailoring menu items to the taste preferences of local populations, and taking inspiration from other countries’ culinary traditions.

Just take KFC Russias newest menu items: Teriyaki Ricebox and Teriyaki Bites. Of course, both Japanese-inspired teriyaki dishes come with chopsticks. In Russia.

And then there’s McDonald’s Japan latest dessert special: Pie a la Mode. Ok, so maybe pie a la mode got its origins in the USA (not in France), but it’s still funny to see French on the menu of an American chain restaurant in Japan.


The Pie a la Mode will be available at McDonald’s across Japan starting on January 6 of next year. The picture above shows the “Pie a la Mode Maple Flavor,” which is covered in maple-flavored syrup. To take this one step further, we’d just like to point out that vanilla ice cream covered in maple syrup is a Canadian thing.

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