Japanese snack company Glico—responsible for making some of our favorite stick-shaped munchies like Pocky and Pretz—are incorporating their products into the gift of song. In a Christmas medley video called the “Crisp Concerto,” the company samples the sounds of crunching and rattling snack foods and splices them together to create melodies for “Joy to the World,” “Jingle Bells,” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”


But the best part about the project may be the research that went into it. On their website, Glico outlines three basic steps

  1. Analyze the sound of snacks
  2. Record the sound of snacks
  3. Create a musical composition 

Glico digs deep, coming to the following conclusion:

“Snacks are generally classified into two types: those suited to play a melody and those suited to provide rhythm. Experiments have revealed many ways to control the sound of a snack, such as the shape of the mouth when eating it, which position of a piece of snack to hold, and how to apply force and temperature.”

Science, peoples, science.

In the video below, check out some behind-the-scenes clips of the recording process. Warning: there is some serious snack excitement.

[via laughingsquid]