Watch James Franco and Seth Rogan—who have appeared in such films and TV dramas as Pineapple Express and Freaks and Geeks—build “Korean BBQ lasagna.” 

The Sauce Boss takes a break while Rogan and Franco layer noodles boiled in kimchi water with bulgogi, grilled pork belly, gochujang (which Franco likes calling “the Devil’s ketchup”), kimchi bacon, and kimchi pancakes.


“Can you do Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with kimchi bacon?” asks Franco.

Rogan takes on the challenge:

1. Kevin Bacon is in Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks

2. Tom Hanks is in That Thing You Do with Liv Tyler

3. Liv Tyler is in One Night at McCool’s with Richard Jenkins

4. Richard Jenkins is in Eat, Pray, Love with Franco

5. “And you are currently holding two pieces of kimchi bacon,” says Rogan to Franco.



[via Epic Meal Time]