Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog has thrown the full weight of its statistical analysis behind the following question: How many of your coworkers are hungover right now? 

Writer Walt Hickey asked SurveyMonkey Audience to run a poll of 1,000 respondents earlier this month. Of those 1,000 respondents, 571 said they worked full time. The survey asked how many times per month respondents said they go into work hungover. Out of the 571 polled, here’s the shocking results:

  • 74% said they never go into work hungover
  • 20% said they go in hungover less than once per month

Check out the full breakdown, detailed in the chart below.


According to this survey, it seems the majority of workers in America are arriving to work bright eyed and bushy tailed. That being said, 6% of people are coming into work hungover at least one time per month (Hickey refers to these people as “champs”).

Hickey crunched some numbers and arrived at the following conclusion, based on the found data (and the fact that there are 119.4 million Americans employed full time, and the average American worker did 1,758 hours of work in 2011): 

“The estimated number of hungover workers on a given day is 1,946,677 people — roughly 2 million. That’s 1.6 percent of the full-time workforce. (I’d imagine that number is lower at the beginning of the week and higher at the end.)”

It’s kind of funny to think that, at this moment, roughly 2 million Americans are hungover at their desks right now. At the very least, next time you come into work with a pounding headache and a fatty bacon, egg, and cheese in your hand, you can take solace in this statistic.


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