I know you’d like to thank your shit don’t stank, but it probably does. And it’s finally time to do something about it.

Thanks to a 65-year-old Frenchman, flatulence can finally be more, well, palatable. Christian Poincheval, an inventor from the village of Gesvres, says his dietary supplement can make farts smell like roses, chocolate, or violets.

The miracle pill gives farts that special je ne sais quoi by combining fennel, charcoal (to help the intestines out), and myrtille (to lessen diarrhea)—resulting in a whole-body transformation.

He sells his all-natural remedy on his website, just $12.50 for 60 capsules. With any luck, “you can now fart through to the New Year in grand style,” as the website promises.

He also sells “fart powder for dogs that stink.” Demand is high for these, so it will take a week or two for your order to be shipped.


[via Telegraph UK]