American sports culture has a “go hard or go home” mentality, and that attitude extends from the athletes and fans to the food. Stadiums and arenas around the country continue to push the envelope when it comes to game-day snacks—which are typically served with beer and a side of deep-fried regret.

Here are the most over-the-top stadium foods America has to offer, perfect for numbing the pain of a crushing loss, or celebrating the fact that you can eat your weight in meat and fried food.

Beef on Weck Egg Rolls at the Ralph Engelstad Arena

Beef_on_Weck_Eggrolls_w_Dijon_Horseradish_Sauce2Team: Buffalo Bills

What it is: This bastardized take on the iconic Buffalo sandwich consists of thinly sliced roast beef, cheddar, caraway seeds, and sour cream, all stuffed inside an egg roll wrapper and deep fried. The two-inch rolls are served with Dijon horseradish dipping sauce for lubrication. This stadium snack is likely inspired by the “pizza log,” the “official finger food of the Buffalo Sabres,” which features pizza ingredients stuffed into a wonton wrapper and deep fried. (Photo: The Score Blog)

4-Pound Fan Vs. Food Burger at Tropicana Fieldfan

Team: Tampa Bay Rays

What it is: The massive ballpark burger consists of two pounds of beef, four slices American cheese, and a half pound of bacon. It’s served with one point of fries. Of course, there’s a challenge involved: You have to consume the entire burger and all of the fries in 30 minutes flat. The prize? Two tickets to a future Rays’ game and a t-shirt. At $30, this four-pound burger is a steal. (Photo: Twitter)

Chicken-and-Waffles Doughnut at The Edward Jones Dome

2chxwafTeam: St. Louis Rams

What it is: Local favorite Strange Donuts has opened in several locations at the Dome this season, offering delicacies like maple-bacon doughnuts, s’mores doughnuts, and the chicken-and-waffles doughnut pictured above. Maybe even more outrageous is the Buffalo-chicken doughnut (a.k.a., “the Fifth Down”)—it’s stuffed with nacho cheese and topped with ranch dressing, Nacho Cheese Doritos crumbles, and a large Buffalo chicken tender. (Photo: Strange Donuts on Facebook)

Pulled Pork Parfait at Miller Park

2pulled-pork-parfait Team: Milwaukee Brewers

What it is: A $7 parfait made with layers of mashed potatoes and pulled pork, topped off with chives. Best part? It fits easily in your cup holder. This culinary abomination comes in a smoked-beef brisket variation as well. The meat parfait is so popular with fans, it’s scored its own unauthorized Twitter account(Photo: MLBlogs Network)

The Choomongous at Globe Life Park


Team: Texas Rangers

What it is: Because everything is bigger in Texas, Globe Life sells a $26, two-foot-long bulgogi-style Korean beef sandwich with spicy slaw and Sriracha mayo on a bun. Outfielder Shin-Soo Choo would most likely not eat this monstrosity himself. (Photo: Texas Rangers)

The “Roast Beast” at the Levi’s Stadium

Team: San Francisco 49ers

What it is: Let’s call it what it is: turducken on steroids. In honor of the Thanksgiving 49ers game, chef David Varley created a tailgate masterpiece by wrapping a side of Wagyu beef around 24 quail, 12 chickens, 8 ducks, 6 turkeys, 2 lambs, and 1 pig, then roasting the “lambpigcow” in a two-story rotisserie. Hopefully the crew decides to repeat the experiment soon. (Photo: dwvarley on Instagram)

The Horse Collar at Lambeau Field

HorseCollar2 Team: Green Bay Packers

What it is: This 22-inch ring kielbasa link is stuffed inside a massive homemade bun, then covered in beer cheese and fried sauerkraut. After attempting to devour The Horse Collar, one reviewer said, “The human body has evolved to handle many things, but clearly the Horse Collar was not one of them.” (Photo: Complex)

Pizza Box Nachos at The University of Phoenix Stadium

2original Team: Arizona Cardinals

What it is: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like: your typical nachos loaded with guac, jalapeños, olives, pico de gallo, and sour cream served in a pizza box, à la your messy college roommate. A+ for creativity in incorporating dorm-room junk food presentation into this inspired—and gargantuan—”snack.” (Photo: The Arizona Cardinals)

The 216 at Quicken Loans Area

a216 Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

What it is: Another Aramark inductee, this giant sourdough roll is filled with Hungarian sausage, slow-smoked pork shoulder, red-pepper relish, and cinnamon-dusted potato tots. The whole shebang gets a generous drizzle of barbecue sauce and beer-cheese fondue—you know, just to make sure fans need a triple bypass after the game. (Photo: Aramark on Facebook)

D-Bat Corn Dog at Chase Fieldabc

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks

What it is: SB Nation writer Marc Normandin said this 18-inch-long, 3000-calorie corn dog looked less like a baseball bat and more like a breaded horse penis. Either way, the whole thing is filled with molten cheese and bacon, so you should probably eat one. (Photo: ABC15)