You know what they say: Those who nacho together, stay together.

Charles and Ann Lanter, a couple in Arizona, have managed to keep their marriage spicy over the course of 64 years. To celebrate almost three-quarters of a decade of marriage, the couple feasted on 64 inches of nachos at one of their all-time-favorite restaurants, Taco Bell.

FOX 32 News Chicago

“Ohh yes, we love Taco Bell,” says Charles.

The owner of the Apache Junction Taco Bell pulled out all the stops for the couple, including one inch of chips and cheese for every year the couple has been married—as well as a $64 gift card. The Lanterns can get a whole lot of nachos, Doritos Locos Tacos, and possibly Fritos Locos Tacos with that chunk of change.

[via Eater, FOX 32 News]

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