In the video above, Gear Patrol chats with “Spicy Salami Spencer” and “Jess Cooking”—two Oscar Mayer Wienermobile drivers.

How does one get into such an awesome profession in the first place? Spencer’s sister started as a “hotdogger” 15 years ago, and Jess heard about the position while studying branding at her university. The two hotdoggers went through two weeks of training in Madison, WI, then started driving the 70-year-old, 27-foot-long iconic vehicle.

Spencer explains that back in the day, when the actual Oscar Mayer drove the Wienermobile, he would serve hot dogs to passers-by. Now, Wienermobile drivers hand out Weiner Whistles.

“You wouldn’t think it, but the turning radius is awesome,” says Jess Cooking.


[via Gear Patrol]