Over Thanksgiving, Michael Mina and Seattle chef David Varley created a “Lambpigcow”—basically, an outrageous interpretation of the Thanksgiving turducken consisting of 53 deboned animals.

But after Mina succeeded at his first terrifying-but-awesome food creation, he was hooked and wanted more.

Now, Mina—with the help of the folks at Locale Market in Florida—has fashioned a bacon-wrapped alligator with a chicken stuffed into a turkey stuffed into a duck (a.k.a. turducken) in its mouth. He’s dubbed it the #TurDuckGatorPig.


Mina was undoubtedly inspired by this monstrosity, which was created somewhere in Australia and then posted on the Internets for all to see. #NeverForget


Now that we’re on the topic of horrifying-but-inspiring culinary abominations, check out this Cthucken, which is a cooked bird with crab legs and a cooked octopus hanging out of the cavity.


The only other thing we’ve seen that matches its horror is the Tudor Cockentrice, featuring the head of a wild boar, the crown of a chicken, the wings and back end of a goose, and the torso of a lamb, all joined together by a taxidermist and stuffed with a seared saddle of lamb encasing minced dry-cured ham, chicken meat, and goose breasts:

blumenthal_cockentrice[via Facebook]