We really love ramen

Here’s something else we really love: L.A.’s temple of nose-to-tail dining, Animal.  

Earlier this month, Animal chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo began serving a tonkatsu-style ramen on Monday and Tuesday nights only from 9pm until close. According to blogger Kristie Hang, the Animal folks refer to their ramen operation as a “restaurant within a restaurant concept.” 

The immaculate-looking bowl features tonkotsu broth, ham hock, char-siu pork belly, swiss chard, scallion, and bean sprouts.

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It’s off menu, and served at the bar only—so don’t go sit at a table then look for it on the menu, because you’ll look silly.

First We Feast asked Jon and Vinny why they decided to do a “limited-edition” ramen, instead of offering it ’round the clock. The chefs said, “Honestly, the limited-edition ramen on Monday and Tuesday is all the kitchen can handle, while still putting out the rest of our menu. Which is probably too big for the size of kitchen we have!”

To get a coveted bowl, we imagine you have to go pretty damn early; we also imagine it’s worth the wait—considering Animal took the #9 spot on Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants list this year, and we’ve had multiple meat-filled G.O.A.T. meals at Animal.

We asked Shook and Dotolo if they plan on stopping the ramen service anytime soon. They said,

“As of now, we plan on keeping it for Monday and Tuesday nights, as long as there is interest. It may one day turn into something bigger!”

Is a ramen-only Animal spin off in the works? Who the hell knows.

Meanwhile, EggSlut’s Alvin Cailan is planning to open a cheffed-up ramen shop in L.A.’s Chinatown called Ramen Champ. See you there, ramen junkies!

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