You might love Seamless and GrubHub for your local delivery and takeout scene. At the same time, chances are excellent that you also have an Amazon account. These two things aren’t as unrelated as you might think.

TechCrunch reports that if you live in Seattle, you can try Amazon’s new Takeout and Delivery service, offered as part of Amazon Local.

Like every other thing that Amazon offers, you pay for your order with your existing Amazon account.

amazon local iphone

Photo: TechCrunch

If you don’t live in Seattle, no worries—Seattle seems to be Amazon’s launch point for services that it eventually rolls out elsewhere, such as Amazon Fresh. Although we have no set dates, it’s a good bet that Amazon Local Takeout and Delivery will come to an Internet-connected device near you in the near future.

Basically, Amazon just wants you to buy everything you need for living your life on Amazon. So it’s no big surprise that the company wants in on your local restaurant scene’s takeout and delivery action.

Robbie Schweitzer, VP of Amazon Prime, outlined the Amazon Prime ultimate goal for Fast Company:

“Once you become a Prime member, your human nature takes over. You want to leverage your $79 as much as possible. Not only do you buy more, but you buy in a broader set of categories. You discover all the selections we have that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought to look to Amazon for.”

At launch, TechCrunch reports that Amazon Local in Seattle is covering around 20 restaurants for delivery and 110 for takeout orders, but we’re sure that won’t take long to expand.

How well that service rolls out remains to be seen. We do know one thing, though: “Amazon Local Roulette” just doesn’t roll off the tongue like “Seamless Roulette.”

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