If anyone knows both food and fashion, it’s Adam Rapoport, the current editor in chief at Bon Appétit, and the former style editor at GQ.

Style.com’s Dirk Standen interviewed Rapoport the Renaissance man, who says,

[pullquote]”I think both [food and fashion] are about the pursuit of the good life to a certain extent, and I also honestly believe that eating well and dressing well both improve the quality of your life significantly and it makes you feel better, gives you something to look forward to.”[/pullquote]

The guy gets it.

Throughout the interview, Rapoport drops knowledge about the ways in which the food and fashion world intersect. He also explains why fashion people always eat at the same restaurant.

“Whether you’re in Milan or Paris, you go to the same three restaurants. Honestly, I think knowing where to go takes effort, like you have to do your homework and you’ve got to be up on the blogs and you’ve got to be making calls…If you’re really covering the shows, it’s pretty relentless, and so I think you just end up going to the restaurant where they know you, where you know what you’re going to like, and you don’t want to take that many risks.”


Indochine in NYC

When prompted, Rapoport names Indochine as the restaurant only fashion people go to (he says, “that place is still chugging, God bless it”) and Roberta’s as the spot where he’d like to think both food and fashion people go to.

The restaurant Rapoport thinks is most stylish? Stephen Starr’s new California-inspired restaurant on 26th Street in NYC, Upland. He says,

“I love the decor and especially the lighting…It’s just one of those places—you walk in, the bar is right there with these big, beautifully glowing bottles. It has that elusive Balthazar feel that every restaurant goes for but so few succeed at, where there’s just this buzz and this energy as soon as you walk into the room, and the whole restaurant sort of glows.”

Rapoport goes on to talk about Ralph Lauren’s soon-to-open restaurant, the Polo Bar on 55th Street, which the Bon App editor considers the “perfect example of food and fashion merging in a very organic way.” 


Read the fascinating interview in full at Style.com.

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