You probably don’t think about the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board very often, but they’ve come up with a genius way to market delicious Wisconsin cheese. We’d like to introduce you to the Cheese & Burger Society, which features beautiful burger porn and recipes that showcase some of the finest cheeses Wisconsin has to offer.

Here are 10 burgers inspired by the unique flavors of 10 American cities.


CBS Atlanta

What’s on it: Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese, Wisconsin havarti cheese, all-beef patty, fried mac & cheese, thick peppered bacon, pickled jalapenos, hamburger bun


CBS Chicago

What’s on it: Wisconsin provolone cheese, all-beef patty, Italian beef, giardiniera, au jus, Italian roll


CBS Dallas

What’s on it: Wisconsin cheddar cheese, Wisconsin pepper jack cheese, all-beef patty, Texas Red all-beef chili, raw chopped onions, buttermilk bun


CBS Denver

What’s on it: Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese, Wisconsin Swiss cheese, all-beef patty, sliced ham, folded omelet, sauteed onions, sweet bell peppers, ciabatta roll

Kansas City

CBS Kansas City

What’s on it: Wisconsin smoked gouda cheese, all-beef patty, pulled pork, KC Masterpiece BBQ potato chips, onions, green slaw, BBQ sauce, sesame bun


CBS Milwaukee

What’s on it: Wisconsin brick cheese, all-beef patty, beer-battered onion rings, Cream City Pale Ale mustard, red cabbage slaw, beer-braised onions, marbled rye

New Orleans

CBS New Orleans

What’s on it: Wisconsin Gruyere cheese, all-beef patty, fried shrimp, creole mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, mayonnaise, French roll

New York

CBS New York Big

What’s on it: Wisconsin camembert cheese, all-beef patty, braised beef short ribs, black truffle mayonnaise, pickled red onions, sauteed shiitake mushrooms, salad greens/red sorrel, kaiser roll

San Francisco

CBS San Francisco

What’s on it: Wisconsin fontina cheese, all-beef patty, sliced heirloom tomatoes, guacamole, sliced red onions, bacon, lettuce, grilled sourdough slices


CBS Seattle

What’s on it: Wisconsin brie cheese, all-beef patty, pinot noir-glazed wild-foraged mushrooms, sauteed onions, wild watercress, arugula, coffee-spiked mayonnaise, whole grain burger bun

If that’s not enough to make you hungry, also be sure to check out the Inaugural 30 Greatest Cheeseburgers Ever Made. Just click the button next to the slider at the bottom of the burger rolodex if it’s stuck on “Cheeseburgers Across America.”

[via Design Taxi, Cheese and Burger Society]