Everyone is aware that Kim K. broke the internet with some buttacular pics that were featured in Paper mag’s “Break the Internet” issue.

Here’s a visual, in case you don’t keep up with Kim Kardashian and/or butt photography.


And because food imitates life imitates art (or something like that), Kim Kardashian butt cakes are starting to pop up on the Internet—and they’re awesome.

You’ll have to go to Yorkshire, England, to buy these Kim K. butt cake pops from Lou Lou P’s Delights.


And you can order this “BreaktheCupcake” baked good from “bakery street wear company” Eatgoodnyc.

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But the real question here is: Who did the Kim Kardashian butt cake better? You be the judge.

[via Foodiggity, Eatgoodnyc]