There are some things it’s better not to know. One of them is what your barista really thinks of you.

Mashable has compiled a list of barista confessions from anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper, and it is as we feared: Most of them are judging or just outright ignoring our orders.

judging1 order1

In their defense, every morning baristas are subject to humanity at its worst. I feel more sympathy for the person who has to interact with me in my monstrous pre-caffeinated AM state than the pedicurist scraping dead skin off my feet.


They battle at the frontline of our civilization, staving off civil degeneration and complete societal collapse. And in return they get a whole lot of attitude, a couple of pick-up lines, and your spare change in the tip jar.


It’s really no wonder that occasionally they take to interwebs to facelessly vent before waking up at 5am to head back to the trenches.


And, truth be told, everyone hates those people who order ridiculously detailed, finicky drinks. They probably even hate themselves a little bit.


Lesson: Never forget the true power your barista wields.

[via Design Taxi]