Terrifying picture of Guy Fieri with normal hair, FOH. These awkward commercials in which Fieri shills Flowmaster car mufflers are a hundred times more incredible.

Watch the second commercial below, in which Fieri calls out imitation Flowmasters for being unworthy of your car.

The geniuses at The Braiser turned to Fieri’s biography to find out what other career moves he made pre-Food Network.

This likeable, laid-back California guy with his trademark bleached-blond spiky hair began his love affair with food at the age of 10, selling soft pretzels from a three-wheeled bicycle cart (named “The Awesome Pretzel”) he built with his father. By selling pretzels and washing dishes, Guy earned enough money in six years to study abroad as an exchange student in Chantilly, France. There he gained a profound appreciation for international cuisine and the lifestyle associated with it. Guy attended University of Nevada Las Vegas, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.

Soft pretzels? Mad respect.

Now we want home videos of lil’ Guy Fieri. Mama Fieri—you out there listening?

[via Eater]