Bam Bam is back with episode 6 of Munchies‘ “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” and it’s his most international feasting adventure yet. After finishing a 24-course tasting menu at Noma, he eats his way through Copenhagen, Venice, and Chicago with a colorful cast of characters. Highlights include:

  • A rooftop tasting of 15 hot dogs from the recently departed Hot Doug’s in Chicago, including a foie gras-topped wiener. “That’s illegal in 38 states,” says Bronson. “That’s the same charge as crack.”
  • A super-awkward meal with Mike Ditka, whose wife tells Bronson that he looks like “Duck Dynasty.” (Side note: Need to go try the “pot-roast nachos” at Ditka’s restaurant.)
  • Action-affiliate Meyhem Lauren, who proves to be a good addition to the cast, contributing commentary like “I’m only trying duck-related dogs in this episode” and “my little tastebuds are doing backflips.”
  • The cashier at Wieners Circle who expertly harasses Riff Raff and Bronson.
  • Rapping on a Venetian gondola.

[via Munchies]