Through all the ups and downs, Washington, D.C. rapper Wale has always had a soft spot for the comedy of Jerry Seinfeld. Complex writes,

“In 2008, Wale released The Mixtape About Nothing, a rap album heavy on Seinfeld references, including a cameo from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a.k.a. Elaine Benes. Later that same year, Wale met Jerry Seinfeld himself, and the two became fast friends. This year, the pals collaborated on Wale’s upcoming project, The Album About Nothing.”

For Complex’s Dec/Jan 2014 cover story, #WalexSeinfeld “Much Ado About Nothing,” the rapper and comedian sit down and talk about important shit, like strip club dining. Wale tells Seinfeld,

“I’m like a culinary strip club guy. I go there, and I know all the lemon peppers. Alabama’s lemon pepper is different than Atlanta’s lemon pepper. It’s, like, a thing. All strip clubs in the south have chicken, macaroni and cheese, fried fish. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.”

He goes on to talk about how he’s had chicken socials with his friends at legendary Atlanta strip club Magic City. (He also does interviews at the strip club.)

“I understand chicken, and naked women” Seinfeld says. “You can’t beat that,” responds Wale.

“I’d rather just have the chicken, though. I can’t eat chicken and look at strippers at the same time,” argues the comedian. “How about oatmeal and strippers?”

“Nah,” responds Wale. Jerry then points out that wings are a complete mess.

“Nah, not necessarily. When you got napkins and proper shit like that, it’s cool. Oatmeal and strippers—now that’s disgusting,” says Wale.

Case closed.


[via Complex]

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