Innovation is what tech companies do best, and Japanese brand Toshiba will introduce its latest innovation to the consumer market next week: no-wash salad.

Although most people associate the brand with computers, Toshiba plans to apply its technological know-how to the healthcare industry, according to an article in Quartz. Part of that expansion includes advances in indoor agriculture, such as farming in a “clean room,” a futuristic iteration of the greenhouse.

Photo: Quartz/ Dan Frommer

Every aspect of the clean room is carefully controlled and sterilized, including the workers, who look more like lab scientists than farmers in their specialized suits. The results of this carefully regulated environment are a boon to healthy eaters and busy cooks alike, explains Quartz:

Why plant lettuce in a clean room? The obvious answer: Because it’s clean. Everything is tightly controlled, including air pressure, temperature, lighting, bacteria, and dust. The result is a crop that doesn’t need pesticides, doesn’t have bugs, and doesn’t need washing.

Photo: Quartz/ Dan Frommer

Toshiba’s clean room is located in Yokosuka, 35 miles from Tokyo; the company projects that it can produce 3 million heads of lettuce in it annually. It will start selling salad greens in the domestic market next week, and plans to expand into herbs and other vegetables in the future. But it’s also aiming to sell the clean room system overseas, where climate conditions like extreme heat or cold make outdoor agriculture challenging.

The million dollar question is how does the lettuce actually taste? Good, reports Quartz, which describes the leaves as crisp, peppery, and clean-feeling.

[via Quartz]

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