For Thanksgiving this year, Portland-based chef Marc Anthony wants to make a turducken that has been stuffed inside of a pig, that has been stuffed inside of a gator, wrapped in candied bacon.” Oh yeah, he’s going to smoke the whole thing. Sounds like a pretty legitimate Thanksgiving main to us.

Anthony made a Kickstarter for his ambitious, but totally doable, cooking project. The problem is: only $10 has been pledged so far, and his goal is $5,000. And there’s only four hours to go!

For the record, this is much more of a worthy cause than that Kickstarter some dude made for potato salad.

Here’s Anthony on the gritty details of the project:

“The first step will be to order a relatively large gator from Louisiana. Once that arrives it will be dry rubbed in Cajun seasonings and left for the flavors to fuse in cold storage.

Next I will debone and marinate all of my birds. The Turkey will be done in Teriyaki, the chicken in a thai coconut marinade, the duck in red hot, and the cornish hen has yet to be determined.

Bacon strips between all layers, and candied bacon around the gator. I will also make a Bahn Mi stuffing to keep the beast moist.

The party will be at my place, and I will taking pictures and inviting people to invite their friends and anyone else that doesn’t have anywhere to significant to go for Thanksgiving.”

What do you get if you back Anthony in his quest to cook a turducken-stuffed gator? “I will send you a picture of myself, posing with the beast, holding a sign personally thanking you.” Can’t beat that.

And Anthony says that you do not have to worry, he is a professional cook. And if no one shows up, he will feed the monstrosity to homeless people.

NYT food editor Sam Sifton promoted the Kickstarter project, so you know it’s worth contributing to.

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