Now that we’re all waking from our tryptophan-fueled turkey comas and contemplating leftover sandwiches in our pajamas like that turkey didn’t just hurt us yesterday, it’s time to think about what we’re really thankful for.

Yes, of course we’re thankful for awesome family and friends, and great food to share with them. But mostly, all of us are glad that no matter how stressed we get during the holidays, there are always people who had a bigger argument with their ovens than we did.

We’re also reminded that sometimes #struggleplates aren’t born—they’re made on purpose for laughs, then carefully chronicled with a smartphone camera. Making an art out of failure is a noble cause indeed, and we’re thankful for it every day.

But mostly, we’re just thankful that no matter how our Thanksgiving meals turned out, at least most people tried.

The Families That Didn’t Even Bother

Watch Where You Put That Baster

Are You Sure That’s Even Turkey?

At Peace With The Struggle

We Hope That’s A “Before” Photo

The Palest Turkey Ever

struggle turkey roast

“First time cooking a turkey on my own.” (Photo: Reddit/skatermario3)

“Technically, there’s turkey, so it counts.”

struggle turkey sandwich

“Prepackaged deli turkey sandwich, raw pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries. Cleanup was a breeze.” (Photo: Reddit/katzevonstitch)

Messy But Delicious

struggle dutch apple pie

“Made a Dutch Apple Pie for Thanksgiving.” (Photo: Reddit/darkfalz)

America, F**k Yeah

struggle hotdog turkey

We at least hope those are Locos Tacos Doritos. (Photo: Reddit/redbunny415)

An Attempt at “Traditional English Trifle,” in 8 Parts

struggle english trifle 1
“First, a layer of ladyfingers followed by a layer of jam.”
struggle english trifle 2
“Then a layer of custard (only I couldn’t find custard in the store so I used vanilla pudding).”
struggle english trifle 3
“Then it’s supposed to be raspberries but I hate raspberries so MORE (strawberry) JAM.”
struggle english trifle 4
“Another layer of ladyfingers.”
struggle english trifle 5
“Then a layer of beef sauteed with peas and onions.”
struggle english trifle 6
“Then custard again.”
struggle english trifle 7
struggle english trifle 8
“Then I just put some whipped cream on top!” (Photos: Reddit/realrealgood)