Artwork by Amy Chen

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful not only the feasts that will grace our tables, but also for the fact that this website exists at all. Sometimes we write about Rick Ross’ pear infatuation. Sometimes we interview teens who have sex with Hot Pockets. And sometimes, we imagine what life would be like if Ghostface had a cookbook.

We’re grateful to all our readers who ride along with this madness and support our quest to write about food the way we always wanted to. As a show of appreciation, we made you these Thanksgiving-themed rap album covers, which hopefully will come as a welcome distraction from the holiday encroachments of your drunk uncle and hatin’-ass aunt. Warning: All of them come with a Parental Advisory for “strong acts of colonialism and poultry violence.”

Happy Thanksgiving from First We Feast!

Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday


Nas, Street’s Disciple


Birdman and Lil Wayne, Like Father, Like Son


Jay Z, American Gangster


Drake, Take Care