Thanksgiving is two days away, party people. Right now, you might be hyperventilating while thinking about cooking all day tomorrow and Thursday, and trying to wow your guests with your creative ingenuity (or even just making sure your dishes are cooked on time and edible). But you must stop stressing.

We’ve put together a list of 20 hacks to make sure you not only save time and effort, but go down in history as a Thanksgiving kitchen legend. We’ve got essential tricks to cut down on prep time—like washing potatoes in your dishwasher—and tips for keeping your turkey breast moist (hint: weave a bacon blanket over your bird). We’ve also featured hacks for making the perfect pie, cooking a vegetarian turducken, and browning a turkey with flashlights (in case you lose power and/or want to get really weird). We’ve got you covered—now breathe, make a prep list, and drink some bourbon.

Here are 20 Turkey Day tips and tricks to turn you into a Thanksgiving kitchen prep ninja.

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