“Ex-rapper, book writer, and food eater” Nikesh Shukla sent a lamb chop into space to promote his new book, Meatspace

Shukla and graphic artist Nick Hearne copped a tandoori lamb chop at Punjabi restaurant Tayyabs in East London, then drove it 119 miles to the Cotswolds, where the two men fastened it to a massive helium balloon rigged with GPS and a camera. Then, the chop was launched into outer space


Unfortunately, the GPS tracking device failed and they were unable to locate the lamb chop—which happens to be Shukla’s “favourite dish.” Although, the team does know that the space meat reached 82,000 feet before it fell from the sky.

“We thought it would be funny,” says Shukla, “to take the word [Meatspace] seriously and launch some meat into space. Everything went brilliantly, except we didn’t counter for failing GPS or for the pod landing somewhere without mobile coverage.”

According to Shukla, Meatspace is a fiction satire about online interactions and how we curate our online personalties, and how this affects our offline ones. “‘Meatspace’ is what people online use to refer to the real world.”

If you come across the weather balloon, Shukla would like you to email mymeatspace@gmail.com or call Nick Hearne with the number on the box.

[via Grub Street, nikesh-shukla.com]