Sailor Moon Crystal is the recent reboot of the popular ’90s anime series Sailor Moon. RocketNews24 writes,Aside from benefitting from 20 years of advancement in animation technology and technique, the franchise’s proven record of success means that Crystal has a higher budget and sticks closer to creator Naoko Takeuchi’s manga than the previous adaptation did.”

Recently, Sailor Moon teamed up with snack brand Koikeya to bring Japan a series of tortilla chips, because tortilla chips are becoming popular in Japan. RocketNews24 explains, “Tortilla chips are gradually catching on in Japan, but most homes still don’t keep a jar of salsa in the fridge.” Who knew?avo


Sailor Moon and her pals Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Tuxedo Kamen will lend their faces to chips that come in flavors like avocado-cream cheese, bagna cauda, and balsamic-grilled pork.

There are a total 18 different package designs available, and, coincidentally, the original Sailor Moon manga series was released in 18 volumes.

SailorMoon Chips

The Sailor Moon Crystal tortilla chips will be released on November 21—Japan only, sorry!

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[Via RocketNews24, Eater]