Rick Ross—who will go down in history as the rapper that helped popularize the pear—did an interview with VF.com about his vision for Hood Billionaire, his second album in eight months.

When Vanity Fair asked Ross, “Did you hear any people doubting that you would be able to release two full-length albums in one year?,” Ross replied,

“No, I’m not really into that. We do this every day. We win every day; tell them to check the scoreboard. I haven’t lost since I came in the game. So if someone is saying, ‘You’re going to lose,’ to me, obviously they’re out of touch with the culture. Stop. Go eat a cheeseburger.

Telling haters to go eat a cheeseburger, instead of getting heated, is a very zen move that deserves mad respect.

To contextualize, this diss comes from a man who has recently lost a lot of weight by eating a lot of pears, and very few cheeseburgers.

[via Vanity Fair]

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