It’s been a major news cycle for Japanese upstarts and underdogs. To Scotland’s chagrin, Japanese whiskey Yamazaki Single Malt was just named the best whiskey in the world. And at the prestigious Tokyo Ramen Show, the Best Newcomer category was won by a salaryman and amateur chef, Mr. Takeo Kanda. His winning dish was this tuna-based Sea Chicken Ramen.

Even more unorthodox, the modest food blogger refused to accept the 500,000 yen ($4,500) cash prize, reports Rocketnews24.

“I cannot possibly accept this prize,” Mr Kanda explained in his victory speech. “I’m a salaryman, and I have no plans to open a ramen restaurant of my own. The prize money was raised thanks to the hard work of the National Ramen Association, so I would like to see the money go to them. As for me, I’m perfectly content with my usual monthly pocket money of 45,000 yen ($400).”

According to Rocketnews24, one of the judges lamented his decision, saying “I wish he would accept the prize money. I also wish that he would open his own restaurant, but what can you do?”

It is a shame that the world will not have a chance to taste his award-winning broth, but it’s hard not to respect the ridiculously likeable Man of the People’s decision. Dude just wants to come home from work, make amazing ramen and post it on the internet. He’s basically the Clark Kent/Superman of soup noodles, as illustrated in this awesome graphic from his food blog.

A graphic from Mr. Kanda's food blog.

[via Rocketnews24]

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