Pizza Hut is going to look a little different starting November 19. As part of its “Flavor of Now” rebranding campaign, the chain is changing up its logo, takeout packaging, and server uniforms. It’s also revamping its website, which will allow online ordering in Spanish and English.


The old (left) and new Pizza Hut logos (right).


Packaging featuring the updated logo.

But the most important changes are taking place on the menu, which will add 11 new regular pizzas and five Skinny Slice pizzas, which have thinner crusts and 250 calories or less per slice.

The Hot and Twisted pizza

The Hot and Twisted pizza: crushed tomato sauce topped with salami, sliced jalapeño peppers, and fresh red onions with a salted pretzel crust.

The Skinny Club pizza

The Skinny Club pizza: garlic parmesan sauce topped with grilled chicken, slow-roasted ham, diced Roma tomatoes, and fresh spinach with a toasted Asiago crust.

If you like to build your own pie, there are a ton of new options to play with as well. You can customize a pizza with:

– ten crust flavors, such as Honey Sriracha and Get Curried Away

– five toppings, including sliced banana peppers and Peruvian cherry peppers

– six sauces, such as garlic parmesan and crushed tomato

– four drizzles, like balsamic and buffalo sauce.


The new delivery box.

The sheer size of the new menu is impressive, if somewhat daunting. “We are radically reinventing the pizza category with a menu transformation that more than doubles our amount of ingredients and flavors,” said CEO David Gibbs in a press release.

In keeping with the times, it’s also markedly more health-conscious, especially with the addition of a low-cal category. Global Executive Chef Wiley Bates III alludes to this in the press release: “We know that American tastes and preferences are evolving, and this new menu is designed to completely wow them.”

It’s a power move from the world’s largest pizza company, and a smart one. As we’ve previously written, if fast-casual restaurants want to survive, they need to adapt to a new consumer who values fresher, healthier food—and is willing to pay for it. But it’s not all kale and quinoa—items like the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger pizza (meatballs, hardwood smoked bacon, red onions, diced tomatoes, toasted cheddar crust, and barbeque sauce drizzle) will keep the old-school customers placated as well.