The rap parody genre is full of misses, but none of them come from KeithFromUpDaBlock, the Rakim of humorous hip-hop. We’ve celebrated his genius before, but fortunately, he hasn’t stopped making (Internet) hits. Now, he’s got a video for the Meek Mill parody “Amen,” one of the funniest songs from his Crispy Cream Chasers project.

Some reasons why it’s excellent:

  1. It is actually filmed at a Church’s Chicken.
  2. All the patrons and staff appear to be having a great time.
  3. Keith does his own take on the Schmoney Dance.


After you’ve thrown up some prayer-hands emojis for this one, check out the equally hilarious 50 Cent “I Get Money” parody, featuring the indelible line, “More gravy for me , baby, chocolate eclairs / Got me fiendin’ for that creamy filling, who the fuck cares?”