Chef Matty Matheson (of Parts & Labor in Toronto) is here to show you Canada through its seafood. In the second episode of MUNCHIES’ ‘Keep it Canada,’ Matty heads to Prince Edward Island where he drops knowledge, like the fact that PEI catches 5.4 million pounds of lobster annually.

After wondering, “Why are there no strip club in PEI?,” Matheson heads to Richards “to eat some really good shit right out of the fucking ocean.” More specifically, he goes in on some lobster rolls, deep-fried scallops, and steamers dipped in melted butter. He says,

“The best restaurants in the world are places like this, because they have four or five things and that’s it.”


After his seafood feast, Matheson heads to go clam digging in Georgetown with “PEI Perry.” The chef says, “It’s going to be 13 degree water, my balls are going to shrink up, and we’re going to check out some clams.” Great attitude.


Then he slices his fingers off trying to open on of the bivalves.

After Matheson recovers, he goes on to make lobster tacos and pozole for the Prince Edward Islanders, who he assumes have not had the opportunity to try much Mexican food.

ouchWatch the full ‘Keep it Canada’ episode above, and get ready to drool over seriously fresh-ass seafood.

[via Munchies]

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